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Young women older men couples tend to have longer-lasting, deeper relationships than young men and women of the same age. Many women confess that sex with mature men is better – while they may not be as driven as their younger counterparts, they are more experienced sexually and more in tune with a woman’s needs; a mature partner is more likely to be concerned with her pleasure than with simply fulfilling his own desires. The emotional bond between a young woman and more mature man can be deep, rich and complex. A woman may feel a sense of trust and confidence in an older partner, and a man may feel protective and loving toward her.

To men who are older younger men may seem like a threat, but women tend to truly value and appreciate their relationships with their older partners. While a mature male may be less physically capable then a younger man, he makes up for it in emotional maturity and respect.

Women who are dating older men often express their satisfaction with the relationship; they feel that they are important, that their feelings and opinions matter, and that they are cared for. Older men also tend to be more understanding toward a woman who wants to be independent and pursue her own career.

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